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Calling for InformationFinding the right in-home care provider for a spouse or loved one can be difficult. After all, the care provider you select may often work unsupervised supporting someone you dearly love.

How do you know what to ask and where look? Rather than doing all the work yourself, a Home Care Referral Agency can do the heavy lifting for you. Prior to referring in-home care providers for your consideration, reputable agencies will have conducted comprehensive interviews and performed background checks, as well as, verified work history, certifications and registrations. Thus, a Home Care Referral Agency can provide consumers with greater peace of mind and security – versus sourcing and hiring a domestic worker on their own.

If you choose to contact a Home Care Referral Agency, here are some questions you should ask:

  • What are the established criteria for an in-home care provider’s inclusion on the agency’s registry? A guideline for a Professional Care Attendant is two or more years of related professional experience, current certifications and/or registration on the California Home Care Aide Registry. Typically, agencies committed to quality service will only refer experienced Care Attendants, but you should always ask and not assume they adhere to a specific standard.
  • What processes are in place to ensure clients’ interests and safety are heeded? Do they have an established process to evaluate candidates, as well as, to verify professional experience, training and work authorization? Do they perform a criminal background check and driving record examination? Also, consider the certifications and/or registrations necessary to deliver the needed care.
  • How does the agency assess the client’s needs and preferences so that only those in-home care professionals best suited to provide support are referred? Be sure the agency invests sufficient time to understand your situation and, if possible, can refer two or more candidates for your consideration.

Also known as a Domestic Referral Agency (DRA), a Home Care Referral Agency represents the “consumer-directed care model” and operates under California Civil Codes 1812.500-1812.5905. Home Care Referral Agencies must adhere to a number of State and Federal regulations. The agency’s goal should be to understand your needs and match them with an appropriate, qualified Professional Care Attendant. As a consumer, understanding your options and knowing when you are talking to a reliable resource can save you time and provide you and your loved one much deserved peace of mind.

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