Caregiver and patient at laundramatWhen affordability, quality and continuity of care are important to consumers requiring in-home care, the Consumer-Directed Care model available through Home Care Referral Agencies is often the most viable option. A Home Care Referral Agency provides Hidden Value to consumers and helps to protect clients from unscrupulous Independent Workers who may not be adequately trained or certified, may not have U.S. work authorization or who have not been appropriately screened by the client and/or family members.

At Vitalitas Home Care Referral Agency, we recognize that many consumers are not fully informed regarding their non-medical, in-home care options and frequently misunderstand the solutions available to them. In California, there are three basic options for obtaining home care:

1. Source and hire an Independent Domestic Worker on your own
2. Utilize a Home Care Organization (Agency-Directed Care)
3. Engage the services of a Home Care Referral Agency (Consumer-Directed Care)

While each of these models have advantages and disadvantages, the Consumer-Directed Care model provides consumers with the greatest value by helping to ensure the client’s interests are protected and quality care is provided, as well as avoiding the risks associated with sourcing and hiring an Independent Domestic Worker.

The Consumer-Directed Care model emphasizes the rights of clients to:

• Determine the scope and frequency of care
• Select the Professional Caregiver
• Ensure continuity of care with the selected Caregiver(s)
• Control costs

According to the Private Care Association, the savings consumers can achieve through the Consumer-Directed Care model can be as much as 30% in many markets. Here in the Coachella Valley where Agency-Directed Care fees range from $22.00-$35.00 per hour, utilizing the services of a Home Care Referral Agency can often save consumers anywhere from $6.00-12.00 per hour. The value proposition becomes clearer when you combine those savings with the peace of mind that comes with thoroughly screened Professional Caregivers.

One concern many home care recipients express pertains to the lack of continuity of care (i.e. having different caregivers cycling in and out of the assignment). The Consumer-Directed Care model addresses these concerns since the relationship is finalized between the client and Professional Caregiver and may continue for as long as both parties desire. Conversely, the Agency-Directed Care model hands control of staffing to the agency. Thus, the client does not determine the caregiver(s) assigned and the agency may reassign caregivers at any time.

So, when you need a value-added home care solution for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to remember a Home Care Referral Agency:

• Provides consumers significant savings
• Refers high-quality, thoroughly screened, Professional Caregivers
• Ensures continuity of care with the Professional Caregiver you’ve selected

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