As a locally-owned and managed home care referral agency with sixty years combined professional experience in the fields of health care administration, health care financial operations, human resources leadership, and law enforcement, we offer unique expertise to Professional Caregivers seeking new in-home care opportunities. We begin by listening to ensure your needs and objectives are fully understood. Through both personal and professional experience, we’ve learned that finding the optimal home care opportunity doesn’t have to feel like a difficult process.

We recognize that no matter how exemplary someone’s work and educational credentials may appear on the surface, there are certain talents, attitudes and competencies that differentiate the top-tier in-home care professionals from everyone else.

We’re committed to identifying the best talent and referring them to clients who value strong alliances with their Professional Caregivers so that they can live independently and participate in the world around them. Life, vitality – that’s what our name means and why we are here.

I am a current client of this provider. Wow, where do I begin. From the first phone call, this experience has been terrific... It's difficult navigating the way of our elders, but these people truly have a heart centered handle on it. Their expression of commitment and ethics has far exceeded our greatest expectations... Professionalism and caring are not mutually exclusive as so profoudly demonstated by Steve and his staff... Thank You all...

July 27, 2017

Professional Caregiver Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Referral Agency?

A home care referral agency is also known as a domestic referral agency. Vitalitas incorporates comprehensive tools to determine and document the qualifications and preferences of the Professional Caregivers included in our registry and then refers them to clients after determining which candidates are the best potential match.



How do I get included in your registry?

Vitalitas has established a rigorous registry screening process that captures and verifies information about each Professional Caregiver’s professional background, including education, training, certifications, work history, and professional references. In addition to performing comprehensive criminal background checks, DMV checks, TB clearance, and work authorization through E-Verify, we evaluate registry applicants for their degree of proficiency in an array of professional competencies, which were established for Professional Caregivers by a leading, non-profit organization whose members represent the full continuum of care providers serving adult and senior populations.

Besides current certifications, what else are you looking for to be included in the Vitalitas registry?

At Vitalitas, we want to refer the best to ensure clients’ needs are met and the Professional Caregivers included in our registry are successful. While we believe possessing the requisite knowledge, skills, competencies, experience, and authorizations are absolute necessities for a candidate to merit inclusion with our registry, we also believe those qualifications, alone, are insufficient. Thus, to ensure clients are only referred truly inspired Professional Caregivers who radiate genuine passion for their chosen profession, we incorporate an interviewing process that digs deep into each applicant’s talents, motivators, values, and vision. Only those applicants who satisfy all the criteria and demonstrate a propensity for delivering exceptional in-home care are converted to active registry status and subsequently referred to clients for further review and consideration.

How many hours a week can I work?

Vitalitas does not establish or enforce any hourly minimums or maximums. Whether a client is seeking daily check-in care that may only require one hour of the Professional Caregiver’s time, 24-hour/live-in care or anything in between, we will strive to refer candidates who are willing and able to service the client’s needs. You set your schedule directly with the client. During the client pre-screening we are given days and hours the client is looking for initially. Final home care details are confirmed between you and the client.

What hourly rate will I be paid?

Vitalitas does not determine the hourly rates Professional Caregivers charge their clients. Rather, fees are negotiated directly between the client and/or family members and referred candidates. However, we will communicate to clients what rates potential candidates are seeking for their home care services and we will communicate to candidates what the client is willing to offer in order to facilitate and expedite the process.

What are your rates?

The referral fee Vitalitas charges clients for our services is negotiable and based upon a fixed percentage of the Professional Caregiver’s gross weekly earnings and calculated using the in-home care provider’s base hourly rate. There is no additional or hidden fee to be included in our registry.

What about minimum wage?

Under both Federal and California law, Professional Caregivers are entitled to earn a base hourly rate no less than the prevailing minimum wage. Hourly rates are agreed upon between the Client and the Professional Caregiver. Vitalitas does not set hourly rates for services.



What do I need to know about overtime pay and holiday pay?

Both Federal and California law proscribes that Professional Caregivers earn overtime pay, although a discrepancy exists between those laws regarding the worked hours threshold for receiving overtime pay. To protect the interests of our clients and the Professional Caregivers we refer, Vitalitas subscribes to the more stringent “8/40 rule” for overtime pay and will only accept clients who agree to abide by this standard.

A predetermined holiday pay rate is not required under Federal or California laws. However, a holiday pay rate may be negotiated directly between the client and/or family members and the Professional Caregiver engaged to provide in-home services.

Can I meet the Client before I begin providing services?

We recommend it. Through decades of recruitment and screening experience, we have concluded the most successful matches occur when decision-makers actively participate in the selection process and are empowered to assume ownership for the resulting outcomes. At Vitalitas Home Care Referral Agency, we believe so strongly in this best practice that it is part of the “Terms and Conditions” contained within the Client Service Agreement and, as such, the agency delegates the final selection decision to the client and/or responsible party.

I would like to be included in the Professional Personal Care Attendant registry. How do I begin?

Vitalitas is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to respond to inquiries from prospective clients and registry applicants. If you are a prospective applicant for the registry, you may complete the brief inquiry form on this website and we will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may send an email to that includes your contact information and the nature of your inquiry. Of course, you are always welcome to call 760-407-6505 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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Vitalitas Home Care Referral Agency is a referral agency as defined by and operating in accordance with the requirements set forth in the California Civil Code.