Vitalitas ConsultFinding the right Professional Caregiver for a spouse or loved one requiring in-home care can often be difficult. Of utmost importance is confirming that the caregiver has the proper skill set, experience and talents to deliver care – and the ability to build a relationship with the client. By working with a Home Care Referral Agency, you have the opportunity to select a thoroughly screened Professional Caregiver, as well as determine the service parameters for an adult or elderly person requiring assistance with self-care. To assist you, here are some key questions you should ask referred candidates that can help you make the right selection:

  • What originally attracted you to the home care profession? Listen for responses that describe focus, intent and self-awareness. For example, a Professional Caregiver who describes how, growing up, she or he was always the person taking care of others in the family and ultimately realized this was a natural talent may indicate s/he chose this career path deliberately rather than out of necessity.
  • What was one of the most valuable things you learned during your education/training and how have you applied it during your career? Listen for responses that describe specific skills or knowledge. For example, a Professional Caregiver who references learning proper transferring techniques and then describes how helpful that training was when caring for a client with partial paralysis may indicate that she or he actively reflects on prior learning and has a propensity towards continuous learning.
  • Is there someone with whom you’ve worked who you admire? If so, what was special about that person? Listen for specific characteristics and examples about the individual described. For example, a Professional Caregiver who recounts a mentor at her/his first job and shares examples regarding work ethic, helpfulness, and/or relationships with clients/residents may reflect the candidate’s own value systems and predict how she/he will perform as a caregiver.
  • Tell me about a challenging situation with a client and how you handled it? Listen for real examples, not hypothetical situations. For example, a Professional Caregiver who describes a client with dementia who refused to bathe and then details the various approaches taken and which one was successful may indicate she/he incorporates a customized approach with each client, respects each client’s rights and can adapt best-practices to unique situations.

Naturally, there are additional questions you should ask candidates prior to making a selection, but these examples will help to ensure you engage the services of an inspired professional who’s committed to delivering exceptional care.

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